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Journal "Practical Marketing" (ISSN 2071-3762; Certificate of Media Registration - PI №77-11651 from 21.01.2002) is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific editions in which the basic scientific results of thesis works for a doctor’s or candidate’s degree should be published. The Journal has been published monthly since January 1997. The issue volume is 48-64 pages, format - A4. All articles have been assigned DOI since 2020.

The Journal publishes articles corresponding to the following code and scientific specialty (the nomenclature of scientific specialties for which scientific degrees are awarded, approved by the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation from February 24, 2021 N 118).


Code and Field of Science


Code and Scientific Specialty Group Name

Code and Scientific Specialty Name


Science Branches for which Scientific Degrees are Awarded

5. Social Sciences and Humanities

5.2. Economics

5.2.3. Regional and Sectoral Economy

Economic Sciences


The purpose of the Journal is to provide readers with information that can help in making effective strategic and tactical marketing decisions. The Journal contains scientific and practice-oriented articles on various marketing issues, methodological developments, reviews and analysis of industry markets, examples of marketing research. The audience of the Journal are heads of organizations, marketing specialists, researchers, university professors and students, postgraduate students, research companies.

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